BeZVIZ Festival is one of the largest music festivals in Ukraine. In 2019, it was held for the first time and attracted 31,000 visitors. In a difficult 2020, BeZVIZ Festival took place in online format, and returned as a traditional open air in 2021.

This is a special space where music and freedom reign, where drive and emotions overfill the hearts.
There are no boundaries for creative self-expression on the music island.
Here, throughout the weekend, songs of different styles sound, Ukrainian artists share the stage with world legends. Music performances, sport competitions and tattoo sessions take place in neighboring locations simultaneously. There is something special for everyone on the BeZVIZ Festival music island.

In previous years, Kadebostany, Crazy Town, 5'nizza, Lordi, Zardonik, Pianoboy, Tommy Cash, Ivan Dorn, Antitela, TNMK and more than 60 bands performed live at the festival.

The event is organized by Kulturna Stolytsia in partnership with Faine Misto.

BeZVIZ Festival is the only music festival in all of Ukraine that takes place on a real island with an area of ​​12 hectares!!!
The festival lasted all three scheduled days. On the last day, a hurricane began and almost all locations were destroyed. Only the main stage and the food court worked.

The Skindred band didn't perform because their plane just could not land due to bad weather.

However, in spite of everything, the first BeZVIZ Festival started loudly and cheerfully - 31 thousand festival fans gathered that summer on Monastyrsky Island.
Almost immediately after the first BeZVIZ we announced preparations for the next festival. However, COVID-19 and lockdown hit. You can learn more about the organizational process from this movie (

After the official cancellation, we offered our guests an alternative - BeZVIZ Pre-party 1.5. The trouble is the day before there was a celebration of the City Day with certain violations, strict control of events was introduced in Dnipro, which messed up our plans.

It was forbidden to held festivals with spectators, so only the stage and musicians remained on the island. We broadcasted the performances from there to the new event platform We also organized two events: watching the broadcast on the big screen on the first day and a party at the Summer Theater on the second.
GOD SAVE BEZVIZ !!! We didn't expect any surprises in 2021.
The festival was being prepared as usual with many scenes and locations.

However the pandemic ordered otherwise and in Ukraine quarantine restrictions were intensified: first, regarding the number of people on the territory of the music island, and subsequently the ban was imposed on any festival event in the country.

However, God heard us and saved BeZVIZ from the scenario of 2020, and our festival took place! We managed to comply with all quarantine restrictions, and still made the festival unforgettable and pleased tens of thousands of fans with the performances of their favorite musicians.
In 2022, we continue to be one of the largest open-air festivals in Ukraine!

Next year, music bands and artists will delight you with their performances on four stages of our festival - White, Yellow, Night and Space.

We will build dozens of cool entertainment and sports facilities, photo and beauty zones, lecture halls and playgrounds for the youngest festival goers on Monastyrsky Island.

For you to never feel hungry or thirsty, there will be a variety of food courts and bars on the territory of the festival. BeZVIZ Festival Camp is meant for spending the best summer nights.
Bezviz Festival 2022 ©
Bezviz Festival 2022 ©